I’ve had a few instances of people wondering why their website isn’t getting many visitors. I answer them with this question:

Why Should People Visit Your Site?

Creating and publishing a website is similar to creating and building a shop on the high street or in a shopping mall – then leaving it unstaffed.

The shop has just been put up on a high street that contains over 849 million* other shops. Not all of those sites are selling products or services, but when a user types a search term into a browser, the browser won’t know they’re looking for a product or service unless asked. Therefore your site selling Tandubtax has to compete not only with other sites selling Tandubtax, but also sites reviewing Tandubtax, posting sites of Tandubtax with cats and sites where Tandubtax is only mentioned once in passing.

Just putting my tub of Tandubtax down to watch the latest episode of Pop Rocket Scientist.

You’re going to need a very big sign

Your shop on a high street of over 849 million other shops is going to need a very big sign to stand out.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing come into play. In order to get more website visitors, you’re going to need well thought out, relevant content on your website that anticipates web users search terms (SEO) to ensure it’s found when searches are undertaken; and you’re going to need to market it.

Where are my website visitors?

They are out there. They want to visit your site. You just have to give potential website visitors a little help to find you. Write keyword rich content that ensures browsers place your site high up the Results Page and tell people through digital and offline marketing that your site exists. Then more website visitors will come.

* Netcraft, April 2015 Web Server Survey

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