Know Your Place branding

Know Your Place is a digital collection of historic maps that allows users in the West to explore their area through maps, images and linked files.

“We want a logo and brand design that reflects the nature of our searchable maps and the area they cover”

Know Your Place website

Know Your Place postcard

Know Your Place Facebook page

Know Your Place Twitter page

Know Your Place exhibition stand

Know Your Place additional marketing initiative

Know Your Place exhibition stand


The identity had to effectively inform viewers what the initiative was about.


As with most logos 😉 this logo had to be attractive; enticing viewers to interact with Know Your Place.


The identity needed to reflect the exciting nature of this new venture.

Initial logo designs


This is a succesful identity, though it took many iterations to get to the final design, the finished logo fits the initiative perfectly.

The accompanying branding makes for an attractive product that can be marketed effectively across many mediums.

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