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DC Products Social Media

A selection of social media posts promoting warewashers, icemakers and laundry.

Gif showing Laundry "Wash Away The January Blues' tweet
Gif showing laundry tweet
Gif showing Christmas tweet
Gif showing mug of tea to recommend customers buy a dishwasher for National Tea Day
Image showing April fools warewasher tweet
Gif showing wine being poured to recommend customers buy a glasswasher for English Wine Week
Gif showing Tree planting initiative tweet


The social media posts need to attract the attention of busy users in the catering equipment and catering and hospitality industries.


All DC products social media posts need to reflect the DC brand and be immediately recognisable.


The content of social media posts need to be dynamic, showing users they are worth watching, liking and sharing.


The quality of these posts has contributed to a major increase in followers on LinkedIn and Twitter, and boosted the company’s profile in the catering equipment industry.