Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens website

Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens homepage

The Challenge

Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens are a fairly new bespoke kitchens designers and manufacturers, they wanted a website that effectively showed off their work, allowing potential customers to see what they were capable of.

The Solution

I designed a simple site for Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens, that could be easily updated. The site has the potential to add a blog and display social media feeds if required. In addition to fulfilling Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens’ requirements, I also suggested adding a section that explained the process involved in the design and creation of a bespoke kitchen with Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens.

Portfolio page

Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens portfolio

Profile page

Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens profile page

A User Testing report I carried out before designing the site

Beaufort Bespoke Kitchens User Testing Report
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