Working for yourself

One of the advantages of working for yourself is having the flexibility to rearrange your day to make the most of non-work opportunities that occur. The kids are off school for the summer holidays now; last Friday they had none of their usual social engagements and the weather was superb, so we decided to have a barbecue for lunch.

About halfway through our meal, we had an unexpected visitor in the form of a crow. It flew up to the kid’s bedroom windowsill to start with.

Friendly crow

When the crow began to look like it might be considering going through the window I ran upstairs – if you’ve ever experienced a bird in your house, you’ll know they get quite distraught when they realise it’s not that easy to make their egress. I thought my presence alone would make it fly off, but it stayed on the sill with one of the kids and I stood next to it. At first it was just picking dead bugs and cobwebs off the windowsill (we’re not into washing the windows in our house!), but when it looked like it might come in, I gently touched it. Unbelievably, it still didn’t fly off when I did that, however, it did fly down to the garden after a couple of minutes, where it started to help itself to our corn on the cob!

The bird was right on the picnic rug with my other kid and wife. We rejoined the others outside and tossed the bird a few kernels of corn, after which the bird decided to fly onto my wife’s leg then hand.

Once he hopped down, we had finished eating, so we thought we would tidy up and leave the crow to it. We didn’t want the bird to think we were an easy source of food, because our garden is on next door’s cat’s route, and he would make quick work of a lazy crow. The bird flew onto the utility roof and we tidied up, but just as I was going indoors for the last time, the crow flew onto my arm.

I’ve never seen any bird behave like this; robin’s can be quite friendly, but this was like a pet. It certainly made me glad to have stopped bashing away at my Mac for a couple of hours.

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