Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows users to pin images found on websites, to as many pinboards as they like. For example, you might be a huge fan of Picasso and spend every available opportunity looking at websites full of pictures of his work. Once you create a Picasso board on Pinterest, whenever you see a picture you like, you can click over a link on the image to easily pin it to your Picasso board.

This makes Pinterest a quick and easy way to collect a wealth of imagery on a particular topic. What’s great is that all these images retain a link back to the website where you originally found them, meaning that you can also use Pinterest to organise links to information. Say you are looking for tips on decorating your bathroom, then you can use Pinterest to collate these tips on one easily manageable board. In many ways you could use it to eliminate the need for bookmarks.

Five Things I Love About Pinterest

1. Pinterest is 100% Visual

For those of fortunate enough to be fully sighted, we find it a lot easier to see pictures than we do to read words. Pinterest allows us to create a board and pin pictures to it. The process is intuitive and straight forward. The result is a collection of images that can be quickly scrolled through to see what we’re after.

As a designer I find it incredibly useful for getting ideas and inspiration. Which is where the ability to view other people’s boards makes Pinterest a really useful tool.

2. Pinterest Gives You The Opportunity To Be A Curator

Pinterest is like a virtual museum containing rooms of infinite proportions that can be filled with whatever you are interested in. The real joy is that there is no limit to what you can pin. You can seek inspiration from other pinners, pin from other websites or upload images you have created yourself. It’s of no surprise that many businesses are garnering a lot of success from their own Pinterest boards – Pinterest case studies.

3. Pinterest Can Be Collaborative

There is no limit to the amount of people who can contribute to a board. This can be really useful if you are working on a project within a team. The ability to make a board secret from all but those invited to post can be useful. This function can also be really useful for business in encouraging customer participation. Inviting others to contribute to your boards can boost the profile of your brand considerably.

4. Pinterest Helps Create Order Out Of Chaos

Where you would once have had a bookmarks folder contain links to sites, you can now have a neatly laid out board full of images. I once used to have scrapbooks full of cuttings I’d taken to refer back to for inspiration, now Pinterest replaces that necessity. What’s really great is it requires no effort to organise these images, Pinterest does it as a matter of course.

5. Pinterest Is Simple

Pinterest embodies the click to create an action functionality that the world wide web has used since day one. I see an image I like, I click the Pinterest link and post it to one of my boards. I can even create a board there and then if no relevant one exists. This works whether browsing the web or within Pinterest itself. The system is foolproof and fun to use. If you’re not already using Pinterest, create an account today. Your web browsing experience will be revitalised.

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