… or the first of a few that will eventually peter out?

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Much of our usage of social media starts out with the best of intentions, with regular updates in the first few months of starting an account that rapidly begin to fall away as time progresses.

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I’ve just been looking at a load of Twitter accounts, which have followed this habit. When your social media account has a tweet on the 30th July, that was preceded by one in May, are you really keeping your followers up to date? It’s with those followers I think the problem lies, or more accurately with those account’s lack of followers.

I think the main reason many social media accounts fail to keep their momentum is they fail to attract enough followers; leaving the account holder to lose interest in continue updating. Without a strategy in place to define methods of attracting new followers to a social media account, you’re unlikely to engage any new followers. Social media gives companies and individuals a fantastic opportunity to spread their message to a wide audience, but you still have to let them know you’re there.

Attract New Followers

In addition to sharing your news with others, you need to find other people’s posts that have relevant, shareable content. Your posts need to stand out, and you must reply to those who contact you on social media quickly. There is no opportunity to put social media comments aside to reply to later; the opportunity will have passed, and you will get the reputation of being disinterested.

Should you wish me to run your social media account(s), or would like me to devise a strategy for you to undertake yourselves, please contact me.

Further information regarding social media can be found on the Social Marketing page of this site.

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